Rents, Costs, Leases & Plans

Learn more about the design and layout of the apartments, how much they cost, how leases will work, and some of the ways you may be able to live cheaper.



* the rents at 26 Aroha have been assessed by a qualified valuer, based on examples in the current rental market.

Leases, Rent increases, Costs & Living cheaper

The Leases at Aroha

Long-term leases of up to 10 years will be available following an initial 12 month fixed lease period.

Once the initial 12 months is up, and we have agreed to a longer lease,  you will still be free to leave at any stage with 90 days notice.

The initial 12 month period provides an opportunity for you to get the feel of living at 26 Aroha, and for us to reach a mutual agreement on what length of lease and terms work best for you. We believe this approach will work best for all who live at 26 Aroha.

Our intention is that your long-term lease will limit the circumstances where we could terminate your lease, as is the case in many other countries where housing is treated as a basic right and security of tenure is given high importance.

A bond equivalent to 3 weeks rent will be required prior to moving in.


Rent Increases at Aroha

We feel a fair and consistent annual increase will give you the best basis to plan your finances, rather than one that has unpredictable and sometimes large annual increases.

Rent will only increase once per year on the anniversary of your lease.

It will increase by a pre-committed percentage that reflects long term average rents in Auckland, and smooths out large fluctuations to help people plan (much like fixed rate mortgages).

Some years your increase will be lower than average, some years it may be a little higher. Overall it will be fair and predictable.


Other costs at Aroha

In addition to your rent and bond payments the following costs would apply.


Common Areas

The costs for power, water and cleaning for the common areas, including the roof hub and outside lighting, are included in the rent.

Apartment / Solar power and water

Electricity & water use in your apartment will be separately metered, and then on-charged to you by us every month at cost.

Power used to top up our solar hot water system will be oncharged pro-rata to each apartment based on their proportion of hot water used in the building.

Solar power generated by our photovoltaic system will be allocated to common areas, electric car and solar hot water back up.

Apartment power, water & internet

Power & water use in your apartment will be separately metered, and then on-charged to you by us every month.

A common high speed unlimited fibre internet service will be available to all apartments for $35 per month.

Washing machines & dryers

To cover power, water, detergent, maintenance & wear and tear .. a load of washing will be charged a nominal $1 per load and dryers at $1 per load.

These will be recorded by the resident in an honesty book and charged by us each month.

Allocated carparks

There will be 3 allocated first to families with young children, at $120 per month.

Guest room

The guest room will be available to book for your family and friends to visit at $50 per night.

This will be on the basis that the booking resident cleans and services the room to a high standard after use, including washing and returning the linen and topping up consumables (supplied by us).

Any additional servicing required will need to be oncharged to the resident.

Shared electric car

This will be bookable online, and will be charged at $15/hour and $60/day including insurance and all charging while at 26 Aroha.

There will be a $1000 excess payable for damage by the driver, and there will be options to lower this.

As owners we have funded the first car. All future funds remaining after costs will be retained for future upgrades of the cooperative car. This will be made visible to residents.

Optional communal activities

In addition to the utilities and cleaning for common areas, residents may collectively choose to set up separate funds for things such as running the organic gardens, beehives, etc. These will be optional and operate independently.

Living cheaper at Aroha

We have set up 26 Aroha to reduce ongoing living costs, and believe your cost of living will be significantly lower than most households.

We will know more accurately what savings are achievable after folk have been living at 26 Aroha for a while, and it will depend alot on resident’s habits.

We will work with folk and share consumption information to help everyone optimise these costs individually and collectively.

The following will give you an idea of the potential to reduce living costs from the way we have designed and plan to set up 26 Aroha.

AA estimates that the fixed (insurance, rego, wof, depreciation, etc) and variable (fuel, tyres, repairs, etc) running costs of a small car is about $21/day or $7,665 per year.

We have made every effort to create and provide an environment where you can live without your own private car. 26 Aroha is a 100 metre walk from a large supermarket and other shops. It is close to multiple bus routes, and the Morningside train station. We have lots of space for bikes. We will have a shared electric car that you can use for a reasonable hourly charge.

We have also made arrangements with a local rental car business that will provide reduced rates and will drop a car (eg. Friday evening) and pick it up (eg. Monday morning) for those longer periods or distances where you need a car, but want it to be hassle free.

If you are happy with these alternative means of getting around, you could save a lot of money. Even allowing for 100 hours a year of the electric car and (say) 4 weekends a year for the conveniently delivered rental car, plus a few Ubers .. your costs would be more in the order of $2-3000 per year.

That could save you $5,000 per year or $100 per week.

Guest Room vs Spare room

An additional bedroom in most apartments would cost around $150 additional rent per week, or $7,800 per year.

Often this additional bedroom is only required for guests to stay, and may not be used that often.

26 Aroha provides a guest room that you can book for visiting friends and family, which may mean that you don’t need to fork out the costs of an additional bedroom in your apartment, just for the occasional visit from your loved ones.

If you had people come to sleep in the guest room (but eat and hang with you in your apartment) for, let’s say 15 days a year, it would cost you around $750.

That could save you in the order of $7,000 per year or $130 per week.


The average Auckland apartment spends about $2,000 per year on power.

26 Aroha will operate a shared power network that optimises use of mains & solar power, and allows us to use your collective scale to negotiate a good deal with a power retailer. With your individual and collective focus on saving power, we think that this – alongside the solar hot water system, low heating requirements, low energy appliances and fittings, and smart use of on and off peak rates – could allow you to use significantly less.

If these were to enable a 30% saving on power, you may save $600 per year, or $11 per week.

We would hope you could save more power than this.



The average broadband internet connection costs a household around $80 per month from one of the standard internet service providers (Vodafone, Spark, Orcon, etc).

26 Aroha will operate a shared Wifi network, with a high speed unlimited fibre connection to the building, and selected hard wired (ethernet) positions in your apartments for smart TVs. This will work much like a business and allow us to provide you cheaper internet.

We will provide this for $35 per month.

That could save you over $500 per year or $10 per week.


The average person in Auckland uses 140 – 175 litres of water per day, so a family of 4 might use 220,000 litres in a year.

All of the fittings and appliances in Aroha, have been selected for their water efficiency, and other measures such as rainwater collection for gardens will reduce water usage.

If these were to enable a 30% saving of water, this family of 4 may save $280 per year including water & waste charges, or $5 per week.

We would hope you could save more water than this.

Building and Apartment Plans

2 x One-bedroom studios

1 x Studio and 1 x One-bedroom apartment

Cosy but generous little apartments for someone or a couple.

The studio could also be a rentable officespace if enough 26 Aroha residents would like a shared facility to work without travel.

8 x two bedroom apartments

8 x two bedroom apartments

All with balconies facing tree lined Aroha Ave or Warren Freer park, and up to 88m2 these are spacious and beautifully appointed  2 bedrooms apartments.
3 x three bedroom apartments

3 x three bedroom apartments

Up to 147 m2 with large balconies and storage space, these will suit families or larger groups normally looking for a house.
See what’s included in each apartment below.

The apartments each include:

  • Attractive corkoleum flooring supplied by Ecofloors, imported from Portugal, in kitchen, living, bathroom and hallways to provide good sound insulation
  • 100% wool carpet in the bedrooms
  • Thermal modelling to maintain temperatures between 18-24 degrees for most of the year without heating or cooling
  • Small panel heater in the living area to take the edge off on the coldest days
  • Double glazed windows with ventable latches to keep in the warmth but provide airflow to prevent condensation
  • Breathable wool blend insulation in the walls from TerraLana
  • Low power long lasting LED lighting supplied by ECC lighting
  • Low water usage plumbing including taps and shower
  • Custom designed kitchen and bathroom cabinetry by use-d
  • Beautiful kitchen & bathroom fittings supplied by Franklins
Optimised Access | Designed with pedestrian and cyclists in mind
Communal Spaces | a roof garden, washing lines and more
Designed for best use of space
Energy efficiency | Utilising solar and hot water panels.
  • Stainless steel kitchen benches
  • Bosch low power and water usage, quiet dishwasher
  • Mitsubishi low power usage digital inverter fridge
  • Beko combo oven and low energy fast cooking induction hob
  • Extractor hood in kitchens and fan in bathrooms
  • Wifi coverage on shared broadband network, with dedicated ethernet connections for TV streaming (Netflix, AppleTV, Neon, Freeview, etc)
  • Balcony or Juliet balcony

All residents will have access to:

  • The shared guestroom for visiting family and friends (for a reasonable nightly rate).
  • The shared roof laundry – including Miele front loader low power & low water usage washing machines with optimal automatic detergent dispensing (we will provide detergent), and Miele heat pump super low power usage dryers
  • Shared organic gardens, complete with beehives, worm farm, and compost for you to enjoy and get immersed in.
  • A shared roof deck area with BBQ, outdoor lounge space, and sunny 360 degree views of Auckland


26 Aroha Avenue, Sandringham
Auckland, New Zealand

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