Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have some certainty of the timing and size of rent increases?

Yes, we think this is very important for people to have this certainty. Where we agree a longer lease after the first 12 months we will commit to a fixed % increase once every year on the anniversary of your lease. This will consider the government’s last 20 years of rental data for Auckland. See Costs section for more on this.

Can I redecorate my apartment?
We want you to have the flexibility to make changes to your apartment, if you wish to do so. Depending on what you want to do, we may request you return it to its original condition before you leave, and ask for a bond to cover us for that. We can talk about it on a case-by-case basis, depending on what you’d like to do.
Can I have pets?

We love our pets, and we would like folk to enjoy them at 26 Aroha. We will make a decision on pets on a case-by-case basis, with consideration for the comfort of other residents.

We think it’s important that there are not too many, and those that we have are friendly and quiet to avoid bothering others, and that the property remains able to cope with the type of pets folk would like. 


Is there direct access to Warren Freer park at the back of the property?

Yes, there will be a secure gate at the rear of the property opening on to Warren Freer Park. This is a rugby field in winter and softball field in summer. Across the park is a children’s playground.

How is the shared e-car managed?

We have teamed up with a company called mycaryourrental.com.

They specialise in peer-to-peer car renting, enabling private car owners to rent their cars to others.

We will use them to manage the bookings and insurance cover for our shared car, and also transparently provide access to any other private cars in our neighbourhood available to rent.

Residents will register a debit or credit card to pay for the car booking, and to lower the $1000 damage excess if desired.

To cover the cost of providing the booking platform and insurance mycaryourrental.com will retain a % of the hourly or daily fees. From the remainder running costs will be paid (registration, WOF, and maintenance etc).

As owners we will provide the first shared car at our cost, and then save the residual fees to replace the car in future years.


Can I still have my own car?

Its really up to you.

26 Aroha is set up to support people to live without their own private car (see Ditch the Car).

We know some people would like to save the money spent on their own car but still need access to good transport(see Living cheaper), and also Auckland is looking for ways to reduce the growth of cars.

However we understand some people’s work and lifestyle require their own car.

We have provided 3 carparks with priority for young families, others will need to find your own solution for parking. Perhaps over time there will be more carparks available close to 26 Aroha through apps such as parkable.co.nz

As a side note, Aroha Ave is full with parked cars during St Lukes mall opening hours, but it is quite empty outside of these hours.

Are the apartments furnished?

The apartments are unfurnished.

There is a flash fridge and dishwasher, see appliances question for models.

What are the shared spaces & facilities that residents will have access to?

You will have access to the shared laundry, roof space and BBQ area, guest room, electric car and veggie gardens. The guest room and car will attract a charge, which we want to keep quite reasonable. Our studio apartment has been designed to also be used as a shared officespace if enough residents wish to have used ths way, there would be charge for this. For the veggie garden to operate properly an interest group will likely be set up and you may need to contribute towards a fund for running them.

How do power, water and internet work?

We have designed something a bit unique here, in order to save tenants money. See Living cheaper for an idea of what money could be saved.

Each of these major utilities (power, water, internet) is measured and charged by the suppliers through a single connection into 26 Aroha. We will then allocate and charge each tenant the appropriate portion of that each month, and you will be invoiced by us for this.

Power will be supplied by a company we are talking to who we have selected for their community mindedness and desire to help their customers make power savings. We will meter each of the apartments and charge for that usage, including a share of the costs of power to the communal spaces based on apartment size, and then discount these with the supply of solar power.

Water charges will be shared based on the use by each apartments and sharing of  communal areas water use based on apartment size.

Internet costs will be shared equally between all apartments.

What is the smoking policy?

Considering everyones health, damage, and our insurance policy .. we ask there be no smoking inside or in common areas at 26 Aroha.

How many people can live in the apartments?
These are the maximum number of people who may live in each apartment..

Studio & 1 bedroom – 2 people

2 bedrooms – 4 people

3 bedrooms –  5 people

Will the bond be held with tenancy services?


How would the shared Officespace work?

Our studio apartment at the street front has been designed that it could be set up as a shared office space with good internet, full kitchen and coffee machine, and a full bathroom.

We have done this to further support people to avoid the dreaded commute, and avoid the need for your own car.

For this to work we would need 6+ people to commit to its use in this way, and we would charge a rate for this that would be competitive compared to other shared office rates.

Who will suit these apartments?
We welcome people from all generations, cultures and backgrounds. We look forward to a variety of people and their stories that may come and go over the years.

If you’re a young professional, family, empty nesters or retired person who is interested in living more sustainably, and you think our apartments would suit your way of life, we’d love to hear from you.

In what ways will you help me live more sustainably?

From the way we collect, separate and recycle your waste, to the use of LED lighting and solar hot water and power to supplement your electricity needs, and access to a shared electric car, we hope to enable you to live more sustainably. We hope to have people live at 26 Aroha who are passionate about the planet and will work together to create a nice and planet friendly place to live.

Is there an option to purchase an apartment?

At this stage the apartments are only for rent.

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