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Good for the Planet

Good for the Planet

Let’s leave it better

We love nature and we love our vibrant city. Leaving them in good shape for future generations is a top priority for us and we know the way we design and build homes affects that hugely.

Life at 26 Aroha looks after the environment. By recycling the old house, doing away with fossil fuels, efficiently using power and water, minimising waste, composting, using planet-friendly building materials, solar energy, growing natives and veges, and helping people do without cars… we will be doing our bit to leave it a bit better.

Clever design – inside and out

Through clever design and thoughtful use of technology 26 Aroha supports you to live comfortably and efficiently by minimising waste and maximising our natural resources.

Here’s how
Ditch the car

With supermarket, shops, schools and amenities a short walk away, buses and trains real close, plenty of bike space, shared electric scooters, a shared electric car, and super convenient rental car drop-offs & pickups, we’ve made every effort to make living without your own private car as simple as possible.

Low waste living

We were thrilled to receive an Auckland City Council Waste Minimisation Grant for our low waste design. We’ve committed to generate no more than 75% of the household landfill targets set by Council to achieve their zero-waste 2040 target. To succeed we’ll need the support of all 26 Aroha residents.


Solar hot water

We have invested $80,000 in an integrated solar hot water system that will provide over half of the building’s hot water needs.

Solar power

We have invested $40,000 in solar panels to provide a portion of your electricity needs.

Recycling the old house

We’ve recycled around 90% of the original 1920’s bungalow that was on the 26 Aroha site and our cabinetry wizards, use-d have incorporated some of the beautiful old timber into the bathrooms.

Lifecycle CO2 savings

An analysis has been made by eTool Global of the 100 year savings in CO2 emissions achieved through 26 Aroha’s sustainable design. We achieved a gold rating, with an estimated saving 7200 tonnes of CO2 emissions throughout the life of 26 Aroha compared to average … equivalent to planting 43,000 trees.

A cosy blanket & heat retaining block

The external concrete block walls absorb heat during the day and release it at night. They are wrapped in mineral based insulation called Stonewool that slows the loss of heat in cool months (requiring less heating) and slowing heat gain in the hotter months (requiring less air cooling).

Pleasantly cool in summer and cosy warm in winter… mmm.

Natural wool in interior walls

The interior walls of the apartments are filled with natural wool insulation from Terra Lana.

We’ve chosen this premium insulation to provide you warmth, quiet, and walls that breath… and also, making it is kind on the planet.

Water tanks

26 Aroha will collect rainwater for watering so your shared veggie gardens can thrive.

Working with experts

We’ve seen some of the world’s best examples and worked with local experts at Jasmax and eCubed to provide world class sustainable design. Read more.


26 Aroha Avenue, Sandringham
Auckland, New Zealand

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