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Renting with Confidence

Renting with Confidence

Renting can be a first-class option

One of the challenges in traditional renting is the feeling that it’s hard to lay down roots. Everyone deserves a sense of community, stability and a warm healthy home.

With rising house prices more than a third of Kiwis are now renters and the trend is growing. In many other countries renting can be as attractive an option as owning your own home and for many renters it is a lifestyle they prefer.

At 26 Aroha we’ve developed a first-class renting option for you.

Here’s how:

After the inital 12-month lease at 26 Aroha we are offering our tenants longer leases with predictable rents, the flexibility to redecorate, reduced Internet and power costs and access to shared transport… and that’s just the start.

Longer leases

Leases will be available for up to 10 years. We will sign you intially to a 12-month lease and then work with you to establish the right long-term lease for you.

We understand that people’s circumstances change, so any time during the long term lease (after the first year) we will agree for you to end your lease arrangement with 90 days notice.

Predictable rent

Over the last 20 years average rent changes in Auckland have varied widely and have been as higher as 12% in a year.

If you would like we will commit annual increase % for the duration of your lease. We will work out with you what seems fair and reasonable, that gives you the level of assurance that works for you and the length of lease you would like.

Make it your home

Our rental agreements give you the flexibility to redecorate your apartment. Depending on the changes you want to make, we may request that your apartment is returned to its original state and we may increase your bond to cover this. We are open to discussion and will support you providing that your apartment is kept suitable for future tenants.

Lower power and Internet costs

With the cooperative living model you can take advantage of lower costs for services such as Internet and power. As the apartments have been designed for eco-sustainability, your heating, lighting and water costs are significantly reduced. See the last page of the Rents, Costs & Plan Summary HERE for some estimates of how much you could save.

Safe, warm and healthy homes

From the choice of materials to the insulation our apartments are designed for you to feel comfortable, warm and safe.

We have used external insulation techniques more common in colder parts of the world than are the norm in NZ.

Be involved

We are committed to being active and caring landlords and we want you to contribute to decisions that will impact you. We will support you to play an active role in caring for the shared spaces, gardens, managing waste and the shared transport.

Shared spaces

Every tenant can enjoy access to the shared laundry, guest room for visiting family and friends, gardens, and rooftop entertainment area and BBQ deck.


26 Aroha Avenue, Sandringham
Auckland, New Zealand

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