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Sharing with your Neighbours

Sharing with your neighbours

Places to meet up with the folk next door

We’ve reserved some of the special places and provided shared facilities, for people to all share at 26 Aroha. Like the roof top hub with 360 degree views of Auckland, a BBQ, coffee machine, book case and toy box.  Like the guest room, the electric car and the vege gardens down the back. All places you can enjoy alone or mingle with others who live at 26 Aroha. These things help you enjoy the privacy of your own place, without the cost that normally comes with having these facilities for your exclusive use.

We drew inspiration from around the world for you to enjoy the benefits of cooperative living with a unique Kiwi feel.


Loneliness can be a big problem for renters and house owners alike. That’s why our thoughtfully designed shared spaces help you get to know your neighbours. 26 Aroha has a shared laundry,  organic gardens and rooftop relaxation and BBQ area.

Save money

Cooperative living makes financial sense, too. Benefit from lower costs for services and resources such as Internet, power and water, and you may not have to worry about the cost of running and maintaining your own private vehicle.

Inclusive and diverse

At 26 Aroha we embrace community and compassion and are welcoming of all generations and backgrounds.

Neighbourhood connections

Superbly located in the Morningside and Sandringham neighbourhoods it’s easy for you to live local. As the 26 Aroha community grows and become more established, we aim to create many meaningful partnerships with local retailers and service providers, so we can work together to save money, reduce waste and build connections.

Sharing resources

We care about the impact we have on our environment. By living at 26 Aroha you can help reduce waste and pollution through more efficient use of power and utilities and sharing transport options – including access to shared electric cars.


26 Aroha Avenue, Sandringham
Auckland, New Zealand

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