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Part of the Neighbourhood

Part of the Neighbourhood

Our lovely neighbourhood

Blair started school at Mt Albert primary school. Then after some years away we moved back to the area with our two boys. We think our local neighbourhood is an impressive mix of parks, cafes, shops, cultures, homes, businesses, and people who have lived locally for a long time. There is a sense of vibrance and growth from the St Lukes mall to the residential streets to the hot new precinct of Morningside.

We love our neighbourhood and can think of no better place for people to live and enjoy the community.

Lay down roots

One of the hardest things about renting is the feeling like it’s impossible to lay down roots anywhere. Most of us want a sense of community and stability. That’s why we will offer longer leases (after an initial 12 months) that are made to be tenant-friendly and accomodate what you need.

Longer leases and an excellent location make it easy for you to feel part of your neighbourhood. Discover just some of the ways 26 Aroha can make a positive difference to you and the Morningside and Sandringham community.

Medium-density housing

Our Albert-Eden area needs to accomodate 25,000 more people over the next 15 years. 26 Aroha is set in the new Terrace Housing and Apartment Building zone laid out in Auckland’s unitary plan for St Luke’s, Sandringham and Morningside. We think the quality design, and focus on sustainable and cooperative living makes 26 Aroha a good example of how this could be achieved.

No need for a car

If you want to live without your own car, 26 Aroha is set up perfectly for you. Whether you’re wanting to save money or get away from the traffic, we want to make it easy to manage without car. 26 Aroha is close to public transport and cycle routes, has a shared electric car, lots of bike parking, and an arrangement with a local car rental to drop and pick up cars for that weekend getaway.

Longer leases

Feel a sense of stability and don’t worry about the stress and cost that comes from having to move all the time. After the first 12 months we will offer leases up to 10 years.

Supporting sustainability

Our hope is that others are inspired by the 26 Aroha lifestyle and that like-minded developers and entrepreneurs can explore how it might work in their community.


26 Aroha Avenue, Sandringham
Auckland, New Zealand

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